Preparing for the BFHI Evaluation


A Mock Assessment

Program Description

All Evergreen Perinatal Education faculty members have worked in "Baby-Friendly" facilities and have been part of the BFHI assessment process. However, Evergreen Perinatal Education has no official connection to Baby-Friendly USA or its assessment process.

This 2 or 2.5 day visit with Evergreen Perinatal Education faculty provides hospitals an opportunity to evaluate their readiness for an assessment by BFHI assessors. In addition to meetings with hospital administrators, these days include interactive interviews with staff and mothers in the prenatal, labor & delivery, postpartum and nursery areas. A BFHI assessment "To-Do" List will be reviewed with key people, plus many helpful ideas for creating a smooth assessment process will be provided.

Objectives, Proposed Schedule & Content

Format and Proposed Schedule

Education Credits

There are no education credits offered for this program.

Dates & Locations

There are no classes scheduled at this time but if your facility is interested in hosting and scheduling this course, please Contact Us.