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Comprehensive Professional Education in Breastfeeding and Lactation

Foundations for Best Practice

The 5 day program

Advanced Lactation Update and IBLCE Exam Strategies

Pricing $895 early / $995 regular $475 | Update & Strategies
$350 | Advanced Update only
$150 | Exam Strategies only
No training dates available.
Please check the EPE calendar for
other education opportunities.
Update & Strategies:
Advanced Update only:

Exam Strategies only:*

*prerequsite course required.

About A complete, in person core program to begin practice in evidence-based breastfeeding and lactation care. A two-day update and half day IBLCE exam strategies session to update your research-based practice and to help you prepare for the IBLCE exam.
  • Individuals planning to take the IBLCE exam
  • Individuals without a prior training in lactation
  • WIC staff, including breastfeeding peer counselors
  • Hospital staff wanting a solid foundation in infant feeding practices
  • Individuals planning to take the IBLCE exam
  • IBCLCs or other health professionals needing continuing education
Format Face-to-face, 5-day training
includes breakfast and lunch
Face-to-face, 2 1/2 day training
includes breakfast and lunch
Length 45 hours 17.25 hours

Additional Education from EPE